Leigh Commercial Fishermen's Association






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The Leigh Commercial Fishermen’s Association was a finalist in the Seabird Safe Awards managed by Southern Seabird Solutions Trust.  Geordie Murman and Dave Moore represented the association at Parliament on the 19th August 2010 and were presented with an award for commitment and leadership in seabird safe fishing practices by Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley. This award recognizes all the pioneering work that the Leigh fishermen have done over many years, both past and present. In 1992 the Leigh Association with the NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen produced a video demonstrating the use of a “Tori Line” or as they called it then “A Scare Line for Seabirds”.  At the same time the association adopted a “Seabird Code of Practice” which was a suite of practices that fishermen used to help them avoid capturing or causing death to seabirds while setting their long line gear.  Ideas such as “the under-water setting capsule” and dripping shark liver oil behind a vessel have been experimented with by members such as Dave Kellian and Alex Aitken respectively.  Alan Torkington (Zombie), Barry Torkington and Graeme Kenyon experimented and produced the video demonstrating the use .tori lines.  The award is great positive recognition for all their efforts and achievements and we thank Southern Seabird Solutions Trust for that recognition.